Saturday, July 22, 2006

#2 Me and Dr, Dr Jones, Dr Jones, Dr Jones...

Hepatitis A? Hepatitis B? Typhoid Fever? Polio? Malaria? Yup. They’re all around and according to the Center for Disease Control, you should be prepared for all of them. So, three rounds of vaccinations later, we feel somewhat protected. But what about the motion sickness? And the traveler’s diarrhea? And the sun and insects?
Dr. Jeffrey Jones of St. Francis Traveler's Health Center answered all our serious questions, our not-so-serious questions, and helped us to prepare for a voyage where we’re not sure just what might happen.

I particularly liked the gentle, shot-wielding nurse and Kelly particularly liked the world map wallpaper in the doctor’s office.

Yours in playing it medically safe,

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