Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#672 Ozarks Bungalow Research

Research continues on the history of our Ozarks Bungalow.

Research is fun - no matter where you do it.  I especially love research at the library.  And I've been known to spend a lot of time searching online sources from home.  This time, though, our successful research started at the Hair Shed. 

Through my hair stylist, we are lucky to meet Margaret, a descendant of the family who owned the lot before our house was built.  Sadly, this grand Victorian house burned around 1910, four years before the 1914 construction of our bungalow.  Here's how it stood proudly on our corner lot in 1907.  
Hinchey, R. E., & Berninghaus, O. E. (1907). Aurora: Lawrence County Missouri. St. Louis, MO: Buxton & Skinner, Printers and Publishers.
Through Margaret and her friend Carol Ann, we are introduced to Betty, who lived in the Ozarks Bungalow in the 1930s.  Betty's grandparents, the second owners, purchased the house in 1930 and lived in it for 50 years.  Here's what the house looked like in 1937 while Betty was living here. 
Lawrence County Historical Society (Mo.). (1900). Lawrence County in pictures, 1937. Mt. Vernon, Mo.: Lawrence County Historical Society.
Betty stopped by last week to help us figure out the alterations made by her grandparents in their big 1958 renovation. We still haven't discovered the original floor plan, so we're thrilled to hear Betty's stories about the now nonexistent back door, the pocket door that may or may not be still inside the wall, and the back porch that was re-used for the expanded kitchen.  

Yours in researching our house and meeting our neighbors,