Sunday, September 28, 2008

#337 Remembering Dad and Paul

One of my earliest movie-going memories is from 1973. It was special because it was the only time Dad and I saw a movie without the rest of the family. And it was special because we saw The Sting starring Paul Newman. Dad was born a year later than Paul and sometimes he looked to me like the brown-eyed version of the actor. Though he never won an Oscar, Dad tried his hand at show biz, starring as The Wizard in The Wizard of Hill, produced for our Hill family reunion in 1996.
Yours in remembering Dad and Paul,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

#336 A Jam-Packed Saturday

Now that the Talk Like a Pirate Day celebrations are behind us, it's time to move onto a very eventful Saturday. First on our list are sealing the deck and...
the laundry.
For an even more exciting adventure, this afternoon just might include grocery shopping.

Yours in enjoying a jam-packed Saturday,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

#335 Get ready to talk like a pirate!

Ahoy, me hearties! (Hello, my friends!) Avast ye. This Friday, September 19, is Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you've forgotten your pirate speak, it's not too late. Check out these pirate phrases and start practicing! In honor of this special occasion, I've found some of my favorite pirate photos.

Kelly and his pirate gang at IDEM
  The fierce pirate armed with a sword full of candy
Kelly on pirate watch
Yours in shivering me timbers,

Sunday, September 07, 2008

#334 Missing from our summer voyage

We had a terrific time on our summer adventure, but there are a few things we internet speed, a comfy reading chair, Mexican food, and you. UVA librarians visiting the ship in Norfolk are Kathy (F07 librarian), Tina, Mary, and Cathy (F08 librarian).
Yours in enjoying the fall voyage while munching on a burrito from my comfy reading chair with my lightning-quick internet access,