Sunday, February 05, 2012

#528 Indy, the Super City

We L-O-V-E-D living and working in downtown Indianapolis.  

When we moved to Indy in 1999, we didn't know how much we would love it - just like today's out-of-town Super Bowl fans had no idea how much they'd love it!  It's tough winning the opportunity to host the Super Bowl when you're a northern city.  And it's so fun to read the national media saying things like 'best Super Bowl site ever'.

If I were in Indy today, I may not have zip lined across the crowds, but I would have loved everything else.  Here are our favorite articles, blogs, tweets, and videos:

Super Dashers flash mob at Indy airport

Jimmy Fallon opening in Hilbert Circle Theater

Jimmy Fallon closing night at Hilbert Circle Theater:

And the full-page thank you in the Indy Star:

I love you, Indy.  That's why I'm skipping tonight's Downton Abbey to see more of you!

Yours in congratulating Indy on a super job,