Wednesday, March 09, 2016

#694 Trimming the House

We have a lot of different wood trim in our 102-year-old house.

Here's a selection:
 We started in fall 2014 by removing nearly all the first floor trim.
And lately, we've begun putting it back in.
We prefer a wide trim, about 4 inches around windows and doors and about 6 inches along the baseboard.
 Kelly measures, cuts, stains, and finishes each section of the 2-piece oak trim.
Here the new wide oak trim can be seen around the window and door in the foreground while the older trim in the bedroom wing can be seen in the background.
We believe the house originally had wide oak trim that was replaced in the 1950s with the more modern narrow trim.  The 42-inch front door which is original to the house is now trimmed to our liking.   

Yours in trimming,