Monday, February 29, 2016

#693 Rebuilding the Fence

The east section of our fence (along the top of a brick wall) is leaning about 20 degrees!  Aye yi yi!
Leaning east fence with 'new' south fence in background
We replaced the south section in April 2015 thinking that we'd replace the east section in April 2016.  Aren't we lucky that winter has passed us by this year?  We can work outside in February and replace this section before it falls down.  
Kelly is standing straight.  It's the fence that leans.
At the corner, the 'new' section is on the left.  The old leaning section is on the right.

Kelly begins by removing the old fence boards to be re-used in the new fence.

The east section on the right will match the three-over-one pattern on the left.
Kelly goes into his magic workshop and builds four new sections, each 5-feet wide.
The first section on the east is up.  The three windows at the top of each fence panel mimic the three-over-one sunroom windows in the background.

Two sections are up.

Four sections are up.  A 5th section is under discussion.  Also, now that the fence looks better, we need to pay some attention to those cracks in that concrete wall.  If it's not one thing...

Yours in fencing,

Thursday, February 04, 2016

#692 Chip Boys

Lunch with my two friends is always entertaining, but today's roast beef sandwich lunch is especially fun. It includes chips! 

Sam is the first to try a chip.
 Soon, though, he thinks of his friend Kelly and offers him one.
Kelly gladly accepts and the boys share a chip-munching moment.
 They seem proud of their chip-sharing routine.
And they share some kind of coded chip message between them.
The next step appears to be all arranged.
That's when Sam hands Kelly another chip and it all begins again.

Yours in enjoying the chip boys,