Monday, April 20, 2015

#674 Good fences make good neighbors

Spring came - as we knew it would - so we bounded out of the house and stayed there.

One thing that keeps us outdoors is rebuilding the fence.  The old fence was built in the 1980s two owners ago - we believe - so it is showing some age and is leaning quite a bit.  Most of all, we just don't think this style of dog-eared privacy fence is a good match for our Ozarks Bungalow.

We tear down about 40' of fence and then Kelly designs 2 fences, each mimicking an architectural detail of our house. We really want our new fence to connect with our home, to be beautiful on its own, and to be less aggressively private.  Kelly gets to work with his table saw, circular saw, speed square, and drill to reuse the old lumber and build a prototype of our favorite of the 2 designs.
The new fence is shorter than the old fence, has some horizontal accent lines, and has some windows at the top for a friendlier nod to the neighbors.  We like the prototype and green light the project.
It's been a while since Kelly used a post-hole digger, but he still seems to enjoy it.

The three windows at the top of each fence panel are intended to mimic the three-over-one windows in the nearby sun porch.
So far, we've completed and installed about 25' of new-old fence.

Yours in building fences,

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  1. We're clearly late to the "fence" post ... but TJ and I are sitting here, quite impressed with the new fence design and love how it mirrors the 3/1 windows. Clever, resourceful and just plain neat! Keep the updates coming! Miss you!