Sunday, August 28, 2011

#514 Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House

"A work of art for kindred spirits"

He was a doctor and husband.  She was a nurse and wife.  Together these kindred spirits wrote a letter to Frank Lloyd Wright asking him to design "a small, spacious, simple home" to fit their Manchester, New Hampshire lifestyle. 
Three years later the happy couple moved into their shiny new 1700 square foot modern home.  Although the neighbors laughed, calling Wright's Usonian design a "chicken coop", the owners loved the place.  It fit them.  They enjoyed it for more than thirty five years, then donated the little gem to the local Currier Museum of Art upon their deaths. 
Mary and I have been fortunate to visit more than thirty Frank Lloyd Wright sites around the world but never in New Hampshire and never one that felt like such a great fit for us, this house designed for two.

Yours in enjoying the benefits of kindred spirits,

Sunday, August 07, 2011

#513 Nate Visits Charlottesville

Get ready.  I'm about to show you how cool it was for us to have our nephew Nate hang out for a few days of fun around Charlottesville.

We're off to a strong start, Skyping with the fam in Germany and Idaho and Missouri.
 We outsmarted the July Virginia heat by hanging out underground.
Outside the cave was too hot, so we hiked deep into the longest pre-Civil War tunnel in the United States.
Yea, I'd hiked this tunnel on Halloween before, but this July trip had the super dense scary fog and these scary cars. Don't ask. You had to be there. Scary.
After the tunnel we were chilly, so we fixed that by hiking to Humpback Rocks where we chilled.
Before he flew home, Nate made about 50 new friends at a party.  He's so Rambis.

Yea, too bad that visit ever had to end.

Yours in hangin' with cool,