Wednesday, May 03, 2017

#725 A Very Mappy Museum

I love maps. I love museums. What if there was a museum about making maps?

We found just such a treasure at the US Geological Survey office in Rolla, Missouri.

Keith is a great guide. He knows his way around these mapping tools because he used them back in the day to create topographic maps. That makes Keith both a cartographer and historian. That's an enviable skill set.

Keith has tracked down and displayed the physical artifacts to document how mapping technology changed over time at USGS. On the second shelf from the top on the right, yes, those are 3D mapping glasses.

Way back when, I took a career test. You probably did too. Your results probably didn't come back saying you should be a "photogrammetrist".  Mine did.  But only today did I follow through. Where have you been all my life you gorgeous Kern PG2 photogrammetric plotter? Ours could have been a great life together.  You and me for eight hours a day, you creamy yellow temptress.

But when you're a rebel like me and the world says you should be a photogrammetrist, you instead take up drafting. Of course, Keith has a hands-on display for my first profession.

I didn't think it possible.  After our USGS visit, I love maps and museums even more. And oh, the gift shop...

Yours in mapping museums,