Wednesday, December 05, 2007

#261 Ho! Ho! Ho!

During this holiday season, we are blessed to find ourselves in a great state.

Geographically, we’re in the great state of Virginia. Officially we’re known as a commonwealth, but due to our state of newness, we’re in the habit of calling it a state.

Mentally, we’re in a great state of mind. We’re happy in our new jobs and have fun, challenging projects ahead.

Domestically, our current home is in a state of flux. We’re renting our home but we may soon enter a state of confusion as we work through the real estate network to find our permanent home. East coast housing prices have us in a state of shock.

Technically, we may be somewhat shy of state of the art. Our computers are in a state of emergency now that they’re 5 years old. Our cell phone has a black and white screen. We’re yet to send a text message. And the next iPod we buy will be our first.

Personally, our state of the union is strong. We’re 13 years together and in a constant state of euphoria.

For our current state of affairs, be sure to visit us here on our blog.

Yours in merry stateliness,
Kelly and Mary


  1. Johnstons,

    I just received your holiday card in the mail over the weekend. I am, as always, in awe of your many creative talents!

    Great talking to you on the phone last week, as well. Hopefully, I'll have good news to report back to you soon.

    Happy holidays!

    ~Mira :)