Saturday, January 19, 2008

#264 Semester at Sea in The Bahamas

The MV Explorer floats quietly now at Prince George Wharf in Nassau preparing to depart on the Spring 2008 voyage of Semester At Sea.

Staff and faculty arrive today. The students are soon to follow.

Yours in appreciating calms before storms,


  1. I found the way to check the password and reset it so now I am onboard. This comment will be in your e-mail and here.

    You BOUGHT a house! Super. I missed that activity.

    I found YOUR SHIP!!

    I recognized it before I read your blog to see that it really is there now. How long will you be in Nassau? Will Kelly be there the whole time or does his new job require him to be back in the ARCTIC? Will you go on the semester at sea this spring, Mary? Kelly?

  2. Uh, are you guys THERE?! I guess it will be a while until you are able to read our postcard from New Mexico. Have fun!!!!!