Saturday, January 10, 2009

#361 Home office renovation

Going against the advice of real estate agents everywhere, we recently reduced our home’s bedroom count from 3 to 2. Just removing one wall did the trick. A lot of big names were involved: Lowes, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, Mary Johnston, IKEA. See the 2 doors – each leading into a tiny room?
Those 2 tiny rooms need to be combined, so I went to work with my pry bar.
New with this project is our home’s first interior transom and first interior French doors.
And we can add FLOR carpet square installation to our remodeling resumes.
Of course we added a ceiling fan and can lights, apparently a must for every Johnston project.
Today the last of the carpet goes down, the furniture moves back in, and we sit back to admire.

Yours in adding by subtracting,


  1. That's quite impressive! How did you procure the services of Mary Johnston?

  2. WOW!! Great "before" and "after" photos!!

    How much do you charge for coming to Indy to (eventually) remodel my space?!? :)

    Nice job,

  3. wow! amazing job

  4. Goodness, that room looks HUGE! Like more square footage than the original two rooms, somehow. Gorgeous.