Monday, February 09, 2009

#367 Bonnie's visit

Right from the start, we knew Bonnie was going to shake up the traditional Johnston Visitor Plan. She arrived carrying a big box of baked goods from our favorite Mexican bakery in Indy. Delicioso!
We kept going with the plan, though, and set off for a tour of Monticello. Right away, Kelly knew something was different. He paused for a moment of sadness at the site of the missing tulip poplar - removed last summer while we were at sea.
To cheer everyone up, we headed straight to the downtown mall for some pizza and shopping. That did the trick.
But even more fun was introducing Bonnie to our neighbors. In the small-world category, Bonnie and our neighbor are connected through their Jacksonville, Florida days. (Rest assured. We didn't offer them any of our Mexican baked goods.)
As we toured UVA on Sunday - perhaps the most beautiful day of the year - we introduced Bonnie to all those out enjoying the day: Andrew and Lauren, Ken, Karin, Rebecca and Melissa, Doug and Barbara. We thank them all for not busting us on our it's-always-70-degrees-in-February lie.
Yours in adapting the JVP,


  1. I cannot wait for MY turn on the JVP!!! :)

    Do you think they'll let me carry on an entire Bazbeaux pizza on the airplane?


  2. THANK YOU so much for a wonderful visit! I enjoyed it all - the touring, the talking, the eating and the thinking of the "10 funniest things that ever happened to each of us" time. You're wonderful hosts and I'm looking forward to your Indy visit in March!