Monday, April 06, 2009

#377 Triangle Modernist Homes Tour

When I told folks in Charlottesville we toured several mid-century modern homes in Raleigh, I was asked "Which century?" The answer is 20th. Two homes we visited were modeled after Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian style, one of my favorites.

Other homes were newer, bigger, and more butterfly-like...

...with beautiful gardens...

...and lots of glass.

Did I mention I like the Usonians?

Thanks to Joyce, our Kansas City friend, and to Erin, our Raleigh friend, for joining in the fun on a gorgeous spring day in North Carolina!

Yours in architectural appreciation,


  1. Several times Wow! I'm a newcomer to the appreciation of midcentury modern, as my sister and her spouse are the fortunate second-owners of a house built, furnished, and decorated in 1960 and never updated. Since it was an estate sale, most of the furnishings came with it. We call it Jetsons House!

    I'll send them the garden photos for them to aspire to. Thanks! -Winston

  2. Maybe you sister's Jetson House should be on a tour!

    I also wonder how many mid-century modern homes are here in Charlottesville? My sense is "not many", but I hope I'm wrong.