Sunday, September 11, 2011

#516 Wedding Geometry

Saturday, 9-10-11, was a day for weddings, both geometric.

The afternoon outdoor wedding made fine use of spirally arranged chairs.
To start the service, each member of the wedding party walked single file into the spiral's opening, circumambulating toward the center and the waiting officiant, passing every guest along the way.  
As the service began, we all served as ring bearers.  The person seated at the spiral opening produced the wedding rings tied to a decorative pillow and passed them to his right.  This blessing of the rings passed through the hands of each guest until delivery at the spiral's center.

The evening wedding made fine use of spheres.
Under a hemispherical observatory dome, the bride and groom wed. Hemispherical wedding cakes arranged in sequence away from a central sun cake mimicked our solar system.
We all took turns watching a full round moon through a five-ton telescope.
Yours in appreciating our creative geometric newlywed friends,

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