Friday, November 25, 2011

#523 Including the kitchen sink

Our townhome builders are a thrifty bunch.

In our kitchen, Ryan Homes installed an aluminum sink, 5.5 inches in depth.    I think it was probably made for a motor home.  Lowe's doesn't carry any sinks that small.  

According to Lowe's prices, it looks like installing a sprayer would have cost our builder another dollar or two.

So, we bought our own sink.  It is black and made of composite granite.  And best of all, it is NINE inches deep with a fabulous sprayer.

Kelly took out the motor home sink...

And installed a sink for our grown-up house.

Now, doesn't that white wall need to be painted?

Yours in spraying and splashing,

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  1. Hey, Mary and Kelly, We weakened about a month ago and had our kitchen counters all re-done with a man-mad stone with the sinks built in. Don't know just how deep they are w/o measuring; but the left side is deep and generous while the right side w/garbage grinder is smaller. I love the whole look. We didn't want the sprayer, however. Belated Happy Thanksgiving. Kathryn and Rosie were here for 4 1/2 days. GREAT! Can't wait for a repeat for Christmas. Love to both of you! J&G
    By the way - were those bottles in the corner of K's working picture, BEER BOTTLES?