Friday, January 11, 2013

#537 Christmas at Sea - Top Ten

Christmas at Sea.  What a fabulous idea!  

The sea was calling so we sailed 8500 miles around Central and South America on our favorite ship, the MV Explorer, with 8 bold friends while making tons of new friends, docking in 10 foreign countries, and creating a boatload of great memories.

The photos are many (the brave can click "See all our photos") and the highlights greatly outnumber the photos.  So let's count down ten highlights for a glimpse of our holiday at sea: 

Highlight #10 - shortening our winter by traveling to 10 foreign countries all in tropical climes.

Highlight #9 - enjoying the 9 celebrity spottings each day in the shipboard library.

Highlight #8 - convincing these 8 dear friends that spending a Christmas at sea was the perfect plan.

Highlight #7 - celebrating Kelly's birthday dinner under the stars on deck 7 with presents creatively wrapped with toilet paper and seasickness bags, drinks from the pool bar, and fun stories of how everyone met.
Highlight #6 - arising at 6 AM to enter the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal.

Highlight #5 -  keeping the average length of the computer support waiting line down to 5.

Highlight #4 - meeting in person that 4-legged animal so vital to the Incan civilization - the llama.

Highlight #3 - delivering gifts at 3 AM on Christmas morning so Santa could avoid the watchful eyes of our late-night friends and our early-morning friends.

Highlight #2 - visiting 2 public libraries: one in Montego Bay and this one in Cartagena.

Highlight #1 - spending the 1 day before the predicted end of the world at the 1 place we wanted to be.

Yours in appreciating Santa, the Mayan calculation error, the Incan ingenuity, and our intrepid friends,

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