Thursday, March 27, 2014

#621 Happy 100th birthday

Happy 100th birthday to this unique arts-and-crafts airplane bungalow in Aurora, MO!

The earliest reference we've found so far is this one line in the Aurora Advertiser from 13 February 1914:  "Louis Coleman is completing a beautiful bungalow on East College."

In the oldest Aurora neighborhood on a street filled with grand Victorian homes, we're thrilled that Marionville native Lewis Shaw Coleman Sr (1886-1934) broke the mold and built this divine structure.

The second owners, O.E. and Linda Moore, purchased the home in 1930.  During their stewardship, the house was featured in the 1937 publication, Lawrence County in Pictures.
Lawrence County in Pictures, 1937

The house was then sold to the Duncan family in 1983, the Holmes family in 2004, and finally, the Johnston family in 2009.  We, the fifth owners, purchased the home after admiring it via surreptitious surveillance for at least a decade. 

Now, on to the real research.  Who was the architect?  Do the original plans still exist?  Was this a kit house?  This will be fun!

Yours in research mode,

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