Monday, October 27, 2014

#668 Halloween Bungalow

To put us in the spirit of the season and to let the neighborhood know we're here, we decide to decorate more for Halloween than we ever have before.

We replaced 3 white light bulbs with orange bulbs on our front porch.  Whew!
But then we saw this cool bungalow on the The Craftsman Bungalow web page and we're starting to think we may need to go bigger. 
Yours in preparing for the season,


  1. I vote yes to the teeth! Kids will come from miles around to trick-or-treat at the bungalow!

  2. Love the teeth. You better buy more candy!

  3. I'd be all over that... maybe use a red carpet for a tongue!

  4. We love the teeth too! It's definitely on our plan for next year. We just couldn't get it done in time for this Halloween - what with all the moving in and everything.

  5. Thanks for sharing my picture! That house is around the corner from mine and they decorate it like that every year - it always draws a crowd. Coincidentally, Kelly and Mary, I also write for American Bungalow and saw your submission for the Family Album section of the magazine! You have a beautiful home, congrats!!