Thursday, August 27, 2015

#678 Lighting the Ozarks Bungalow

Lighting is important and as we get older, we all need more.

So as you can imagine, lighting is a big topic of conversation around our home during remodeling projects.  Through the years, Kelly has built several stained glass lamps and back in 2001, he even built these rustic metal and mica wall sconces for our friend Joyce's cabin.

But for our Ozarks Bungalow renovation, Kelly does not need to build our lamps.  Instead, our friend Matthew discovered two perfect lamps at Charlottesville's Habitat Restore.  The Deschutes Chandelier sells for $950 at Rejuvenation Lighting, but Matthew purchases two for a tenth of the price and with much appreciation and celebration, we pick them up in Charlottesville earlier this year.     
Some modifications are needed, so Kelly shortens the over-long down-rod and turns the lamps up rather than down.  (I never did care to look at a bare bulb.)
 And Voila!  We now have a classic Craftsman chandelier hanging in our living room and our parlor.
Thank goodness for Matthew or Kelly may have been tempted to recreate this sled lamp.
Yours in appreciation of good lighting,

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