Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#724 Digging in the Dirt

Today, we ask Sam what he wants to do.  His reply, "Dig!"

That's not really a surprise to those who know him, so we, of course, are ready with a digging project.

These hostas are crowding out our beautiful yellow irises, so they're off to a new shady home on the other side of the house.  Since this effort requires much digging, Kelly and Sam find their personal shovels and everyone is thrilled about the work ahead.   
Since one hosta is too large for the bucket, Kelly carries the plant around the house while Sam carries the shovels.
Preparing the new hosta home is the most fun of all.  Sometimes the shovel gets away from you and the dirt flies up on the stone wall.  Some dirt even hits the window and lands all the way up on the windowsill!  
Sometimes after enthusiastic digging, you find the hole is too deep and needs to be un-dug. 
That's just the price you pay to get the job done until you can relax with some shenanigans on the porch and celebrate your efforts.

Yours in digging,
Mary Jo

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