Monday, July 09, 2007

#223 Keep 'em coming

You all sure know how to write. We enjoy your writing style, your sense of humor, and your outrageous e-mailabilities.
Here’s a collection of material that hit our e-mail inbox just last week. See yours?

  • Things continue here much the same as before, with outrageously optimistic plans and grotesquely irresponsible behavior.

  • When to Va? As soon as possible, my id tells me.

  • I think the lack of a bow tie and the calm demeanor are worth noticing.

  • If only IKEA carried Apple, it would be much easier (although if they did the laptop would probably be made of laminated cardboard).

  • Do you remember back to your Indy days - does Scholar's Inn have strawberry shortcake?

  • [He] can send you some plywood with termites, snakes and poison ivy to make new furniture.

  • Will the rover room be ready? (Or since we'll be the first visitors, can we name it?!?!)

  • I used to have a crush on Ralph Macchio, and now I have decided that I have a crush on Mr. Miagi. He is the COOLEST. Funny how times change!

  • Being over 50 is not a problem. It gives one the luxury of using age as an excuse to get out of undesired activities and to stun people when doing things they don't expect.

  • I’m glad to hear Elton went with you to Virginia. I’m sure he enjoyed the ride and the conversation. Nothing like a little Elton to make a drive go faster.

  • My fingers are crossed...makes it hard to type.

  • Whenever you get reasonably established in Char-ville, you need to find out what all interesting things there are to do in the area and use them as leverage to persuade me to come for a visit. Looking at the map I discover there is no really direct way to get between here and there, but the lack of convenience is made up with an abundance of presidential estates, battlefields, and probably fabulous winding-road type of scenery all the way there.
Keep ‘em coming.

Yours in letting you all write today's blog post,

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