Tuesday, July 03, 2007

#221 Fifty is nifty

One of the longest highways in our country is US Highway 50, the backbone of America. 50 cuts through the heart of the US from Sacramento to Ocean City and along the way it goes through Montrose, CO; Emporia, KS; Overland Park, KS; Warrensburg, MO; southern Indiana; and Fairfax, VA. In these towns, we’ve grown up, we’ve graduated, we’ve worked, and we’ve played. So, it was no wonder that we chose 50 to help carry us from our Indiana lives to our Virginia lives. Even without the sentimental reasons, 50 through southeastern Ohio and across West Virginia is a beautiful drive.
079 WV Highway 50 out the window
096 WV Js on 50 at Saddle Mountain
Along our drive through the mountain state of West Virginia, we came upon the birthplace of Nancy Hanks, the mother of Abraham Lincoln. She was born in Campbell County, just south of 50, and grew up in that area until moving with her husband to Kentucky and finally to Indiana. Nancy died when Abraham was 9 years old and she is buried at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial in southern Indiana, not all that far from – you guessed it – Highway 50.
111 WV Nancy Hanks cabin
Let us know if you have plans to drive across the country on Highway 50. There are no markers at our birthplaces, but we can give you some tips! Just don’t count on seeing Disney World along the way, despite this sign we discovered on Highway 50 in West Virginia.
089 WV Disney World on Highway 50
Yours in enjoying the ride,


  1. Happy (belated) birthday, Mary! I hope you received the card I sent in the mail to your new address. Best of luck with unpacking, settling in and enjoying the adventure!

    Yours in Indy,
    Mira COLMAN!!!!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks to everyone for their birthday greetings this week.

    Just to be clear... when I named our post #221, it wasn't because I was celebrating my 50th birthday. I am way, way younger than that.

  4. Good to know you were born near the same historic highway as Nancy and Abe.

    Too bad that is not the location of Disney World--I could get there faster if it were.

    We have long wished for the time to take a leisurely trip and see the sites along the way. We are glad you were able to do so.

    AND being over 50 is not a problem. It gives one the luxury of using age as an excuse to get out of undesired activities and to stun people when doing things they don't expect.

    HAPPY 30th MARY!
    Yours in LOCKERBIE!