Thursday, June 28, 2007

#220 Eating our way across the country

It’s all about the food.

Thanks to all those who have contributed to our weight gain and thanks to the downtown Bazbeaux staff for the surprise gift.

We’ll miss the culinary comforts of Indy. Lately, we've gorged our way through all our favorite restaurants. Our Indy favorites:
  • Bazbeaux Pizza about 500 steps from our front door (not that we've counted.) Here you'll find the best pizza pie and best sandwich in the city served by the best wait staff anywhere.
  • Café Patachou downtown. Looking for the yummiest cinnamon toast in the world? You'll find it here with the best Sunday breakfast downtown.
  • City Cafe downtown. The best Saturday breakfast downtown can be found at the City Cafe. The food is unique, fresh, and fabulous and we've never been without running into a neighbor.
  • El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Speedway. The combination of margarita and quesadillas de camaron will send you away happy. And occasionally, the Unser family will be dining at the next table.
  • Mama Carolla’s on the Monon Trail near Broad Ripple. For great Italian cooking in a sweet ambiance, there is no better.
  • Scholars Inn on Mass Ave downtown. For the best salad in town, try the Rocket at Scholars Inn. Yum!
  • Shelbi Street Café in Fountain Square. Everything in Fountain Square is cool, especially the rooftop garden above the duckpin bowling alley.

And when we're on the road, a big part of our travel revolves around food. Surprise, surprise. Between Indy and Charlottesville, we've found two fun Road Food diners. We can't officially recommend them because we've only sampled each once, but first impressions are good.
This is all just to let you know where to stop for dinner when you drive over for a visit and also what to bring with you! ;-)

Gastronomically yours,

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