Tuesday, June 19, 2007

#219 Hitting the Trail

We’re hitting the trail to Virginia.

Since 1999, we have enjoyed much that living in downtown Indianapolis has to offer. Now, we’re hitting the trail to Virginia just as the walk-everywhere lifestyle of Indy’s downtown residents is getting even better and becoming more pedestrian friendly with the birth of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

To encourage more human-powered movement, the city started construction on a bike and pedestrian path, connecting downtown neighborhoods with cultural hotspots. Access to shops, restaurants, arts, and sporting events will be a walkable snap. This project really is the icing on the downtown cake we called home for 8 years.
The interstate trail between Indiana and Virginia may not be as cool as the cultural trail, but we encourage the use of it nonetheless. Take I-65 to I-64 and you’re there.
Thanks to the trail (cultural and interstate) creators.

Thanks to everyone for joining us at the hitting-the-trail, farewell party.

Thanks to the friendly folks at the Indianapolis Cultural Trail for providing the door prizes.

Thanks to that energetic band of friends who made the pre-midnight delivery of extra party food to the Wheeler Mission.

Thanks to you Hoosiers for being a part of our Indianapolis lives.

Yours in hitting the trail,
Kelly and Mary

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