Thursday, June 07, 2007

#217 Undaunted Roadtrip meets Voyage of Discovery

Without really planning it, our trip out west (the undaunted roadtrip) turned into a Lewis and Clark experience. Always a fan of the daring duo and their expedition, we found ourselves drawn to the rivers, the confluences, the forts, and the interpretive centers along the way.

Out west along the Lewis and Clark Trail, we found… Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan in Washburn, ND
528f ND Fort Mandan exterior
Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls, MT
638f MT L&C view of Missouri
Giant Springs in Great Falls, MT
643f MT K at Giant Spring
Missouri River headwaters
711f MT K at MO Headwaters
Jefferson River, upstream from the headwaters of the Missouri River
Beaverhead Rock, site of the greatest coincidence in US history where Sacagawea recognized her brother Cameawait when Lewis and Clark were bargaining for horses
And way back east in Missouri, we found Jefferson’s original headstone on the University of Missouri campus
1560f MO Jefferson original headstone
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial underneath the Arch in Saint Louis
1571f MO Js at Arch
At the Arch, we stood looking out over the combined Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, and thought about how Lewis and Clark might have felt when they returned there in 1806 after their 8000-mile journey. We hoped to spy those modern day adventurers ( the UND students) pass by in their canoe, but I guess our car moves quicker than their canoe. Listening to downloaded recordings of the Thomas Jefferson hour, we wonder how this Undaunted Roadtrip will affect our Jeffersonian lives as we transition to the University of Virginia.

Yours in following the trail,

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