Saturday, June 02, 2007

#216 Our Top 10 Drives Revisited

We were afraid this might happen.

Just as soon as we made a list of our Top 10 drives, we found ourselves on the Million Dollar Highway. So now what? After great deliberation and with fear that we are falling prey to the most-recent-will-always-be-the-best syndrome, we’ve decided to revise the list.

Just south of Ouray, CO in the San Juan Mountains, the two-lane road is a cliff-hanger. If you’re afraid of edges, it’s a little scary.
We’re still hanging out in the beautiful mountain state of Colorado and loving the big horn sheep, the pronghorns, the mountains with summer snow,
the aspen trees,
and those cool ranch gates.
Yours in having a hard time leaving Colorado,


  1. Hi, Mary & Kelly,
    I hadn't been following your saga, but now I will. (Karen has been - she's much better than I.) I want a report on the stars out there in Big Sky country. Hope all is well. As you'll here we're trying to get your computer all set. Take care, and we're looking forward to July 25!!

  2. Hi, Mary & Kelly,
    I hadn't been following your adventures, but Karen knew where to find you. Also, good to talk with you just now. Looks like we got your PC ordered. Cross your fingers. Take care, enjoy Omaha.