Thursday, May 31, 2007

#215 The Mountain States

Driving through the mountain states of Idaho, Utah, and Colorado, we appreciate... Fascinating geologic features
913f UT on Hwy 6
Sonic Drive-Ins
909f UT M at Sonic
A bunch of national parks to explore including Arches National Park (1 of 5 in Utah)
1054f UT Arches - K at Windows
and Mesa Verde National Park (1 of 4 in Colorado)
1116f CO Mesa Verde - Spruce Tree House
Uncrowded fun roads to drive
919f UT on Hwy 6
We also appreciate all these things as yet unphotographed...
  • Rocks, rocks, and more rocks
  • Ponderosa Pines
  • Mountains
  • Wild animal life – jackrabbits, prairie dogs, antelope, elk, muskrat, ravens, lizards
  • Agricultural animal life – sheep, horses
  • Lack of storms, warm temperatures, and sunny skies
  • Bug-free windshield
  • Friendly locals
Yours in having trouble choosing between the northern plains and the mountain states,
Kelly and Mary

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