Wednesday, May 23, 2007

#210 The Northern Plains

Driving through the northern plains states of Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana, we appreciate...

The use of lilacs for hedgerows
437f Lilacs as hedgerows
The Missouri River north of Bismarck that looks as it did 200 years ago when Lewis and Clark passed by
505f ND MO River north of Bismarck
Hay art
562f ND hay art
Uncrowded fun roads to drive
426f Itasca wilderness road
We also appreciate all these things as yet unphotographed...
  • The long vistas with big, big skies
  • Tumbleweed
  • Rolling, grassy, treeless hills that remind us of Kansas’ Flint Hills
  • The colorful rock pile
  • Wild animal life – ring-necked pheasant, wild turkey, deer
  • Agricultural animal life – cattle, buffalo, sheep, horses
  • Flashes of storms and cool spring temperatures
  • Friendly locals and waving drivers 
Yours in feeling that we are far enough away to see the big picture from here,
Kelly and Mary

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