Wednesday, May 09, 2007

#202 I Walked Right Into It

I walked in to work one day last week on a beautiful day across downtown Indy. It was my last day to commute by foot and I was sad. Indy has given me a great opportunity to walk - when I chose - the mile or 1.5 miles to work.

On my way in, I dropped 3 letters in the mailbox, recycled a sack of paper at the O’Malia’s drop-off, and returned a book and video to the library. I’m used to doing these things – all on the way.

I smiled at the man who walks to work along Ohio Street each morning. He did not smile back. He has no arms and I spent a few blocks thinking about how I’d manage in his situation.

I passed the Paradise CafĂ© – a new restaurant on my route and where I planned to have lunch that day with a colleague. Indy’s downtown breakfast/lunch selection is A-1!

I picked up a plastic bag drifting over the sidewalk near the bus stop where lots of people were waiting. As I threw the bag away, I thought about the new law in California banning plastic bags at grocery stores – a good thing.

I passed the statehouse where the legislature just finished up their work for the year. The parking meters were all still hooded for their use. I wondered why they couldn't use the state parking garage. Too far? Too full? I am happy with their decision to increase the cigarette tax to fund health care.

I looked up at the state library as I walked by and wondered what I could have done there to make a bigger impact.

I passed the government center building (shown below) that is home to IDEM, Kelly’s office, and the cafeteria where we often met for lunch. Sadly, Kelly is giving up his IDEM job soon – a job he has enjoyed with people he will miss.

I crossed the downtown central canal and stopped to look at the people already walking there and the guy trying to ride his bike up the big green grassy slope. Soon there will be a building there. There’s a big yellow sculpture further north and past that the Buggs Temple will open soon for dining and for frozen yogurt at the north end of the canal. I’d like to try that sometime.

I entered the historical society on my last day of work to find a sign that reads “Today’s Events: Institute for Study Abroad.” That’s the name of Butler U’s office for study abroad. Perhaps I should go introduce myself at their meeting.

And that’s my transition from Indy to Charlottesville. I walked right into it.

Yours in locomotion,

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