Saturday, May 05, 2007

#201 Carry Me Back to Old Virginny

The Johnston blog, though dormant since March, is back!

The blog title will need to change. “Yours in Sharing our Global Voyage 2006” is old news and now we’re embarking on another exciting adventure... We’re moving to Virginia! On Thomas Jefferson’s birthday (that’s April 13 for you non-Jeffersonians), we accepted positions with the University of Virginia and are moving to Charlottesville.

I’ll let Kelly update you on his position, but let me tell you what I’ll be doing. I’ll be working as the Semester at Sea Librarian - managing the shipboard library collection, training librarians prior to each voyage, and spending one semester at sea every 3 years. As you know, last fall’s voyage was the trip of a lifetime and we are greedy enough to want to do it all again. We are thrilled to continue our international experiences with Semester at Sea.

Since we haven’t figured out how to live two places at once, we will close the Indy chapter of our lives, believing that we will be lucky to find the livable, walkable, neighborly downtown that we’ve enjoyed for these eight years.

Yours in wondering what the Charlottesville chapter will bring,

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