Saturday, August 04, 2007

#229 Thinking of Indy

Indianapolis is referenced in Saving Fish from Drowning. I was surprised to find the reference to Indy in this novel set in Burma, but there it is right in the middle of page 330.
The people from New York and Rio de Janeiro gave wearied and disgusted looks, as they pushed past the newshounds. But a few travelers were easily stopped, because they were from cities like Indianapolis, Indiana, or Manchester, England, where it was considered rude not to acknowledge someone who asked you a question.

We sold our Indy home (on picturesque Vermont Street) and we’re now waxing nostalgic all over the place.

We wonder...
  • how’s the cultural trail coming along?
  • has the interim downtown library closed to move to its new digs?
  • what’s going on in the old neighborhood?
  • how was the Lockerbie 4th of July parade?
  • is Bazbeaux still selling pizza on Mass Ave?
  • are the Colts going to repeat as champions?
  • is the smartest guy we know still bagging groceries?
And we wonder...
  • what’s going on with you?

Yours in waxing nostalgic,

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