Saturday, August 25, 2007

#234 Walking in

From home to work is about a mile and a half.

We like to walk it. Come along for our work commute.

As we leave our home, the construction crew is just getting started across the street.
After a few blocks, we cross the tracks. Sometimes we time it just right to get a wave from the Amtrak engineer braking for the Charlottesville station.
The stone wall leans, the road curves, we press on.
And finally we reach the university grounds.
We're walking, but some prefer the bicycle lifestyle.
We've arrived at Alderman Library.
Mary heads for the East Wing as I head for the West.
Yours in walking,


  1. I feel as if I'm walking with you! Thanks for sharing your Monday-Friday trek ... the library building is GORGEOUS and it's nice to put a place with some of my favorite folks' faces. :)


  2. Regular passenger rail service?

    I guess that clinches it.

    You really have moved away from Indiana.