Sunday, October 14, 2007

#249 Indy Weekend Top 10

Congratulations to Julie and David!

To attend Julie and David's wedding celebration and to visit with as many friends as possible in one weekend - those were our lofty weekend goals. In order to mimic our Lockerbie years, we stayed in some ultra-comfy accommodations at the Nestle Inn B&B, steps away from everything.

And now we present, in the tradition of that beloved native Hoosier David Letterman... Our Indy Weekend Top 10!

10. walking the friendly and familiar streets of historic Lockerbie Square and Massachusetts Avenue
9. the Roman Art from the Louvre exhibit at the IMA.
Besides the 200 mosaics, sculptures, and marble statues loaned from the Louvre, the exhibit included a digital model of ancient Rome called Rome Reborn 1.0, developed by the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at UVa. Very cool!
8. our favorite foods at Scholar's Inn, Bazbeaux Pizza, and Cafe Patachou (No photos were taken to protect the hungry.)
7. Testing the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, still under construction.
6. an irreverent night at the Phoenix Theatre with the Bloomquai and the Altar Boyz. (No photos were taken because it's prohibited by copyright law.)
5. gliding on Segways on the downtown canal
4. catching up with the guardians of Indiana's environment. (No photos were taken to protect those with large monitors.)
3. running into friends EVERYWHERE we went - at the IMA, on Mass Ave, at the Scholar's Inn, at O'Malia's market, at Bazbeaux Pizza.
2. a sunny fall afternoon in the Rathskeller's biergarten
1. and a wonderfully happy couple starting their life together!
Next time, we want to do it all again PLUS see the updated O'Malia's, see the completed renovation of the downtown public library, walk the cultural trail for real, and top it off with frozen custard at the Ritter's in Buggs Temple. Please join us again then!

Yours in sending our happiest marital wishes to Julie and David and our thanks to them for providing the reason for the weekend,

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