Saturday, February 23, 2008

#269 Playing in our sandbox

Words are always changing.

Do you remember when the cheap sandals we now call flip-flops were called thongs?

Do you remember when a sandbox was where kids went to play and cats went for business?
In our new wiki sandbox, we've been building and testing our first Wikipedia page.

Now we're out of the sandbox. Our work is published.

For the first time, Kent Curtis is part of Wikipedia.

Yours in changing words,


  1. K&M: This was WONDERFUL! SO amazing to read something from an author I know -- VERY well done. I only looked at one of the links: "Find a grave" and saw that Kelly also included a map of how to get there with the GPS coordinates. Good work!! Really impressive!! - Donna

  2. You guys are such trend setters! We should do a Wiki page about you. :-)