Saturday, March 01, 2008

#270 The Oscars, Our Way

Did you watch the Oscars last week?

I remember hosting one Oscars party in Kansas City where I dressed up in a one-shoulder black gown - even though my friends were slightly more casual.
And I remember watching the Oscars once in Kansas City when the television news crew stopped by our party at Kathryn's apartment to get footage for the local evening news.

But even without gowns and news crews, it's always fun to watch the Oscars. This year, we watched the Oscars without fancy dress or television news crews and without having seen any of the best picture nominees.

This year, we watched on a well-positioned television screen with 2 new friends and plenty of gourmet popcorn. Kelly was standing by at the computer providing all the important information not included in Oscar coverage like - what's with John Travolta's hair AND who is George Clooney's date AND how old is Marketa Irglova?

Yours in celebrating Oscar's big night in our own big way,

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