Tuesday, April 15, 2008

#278 Our Texas Visit - Revisited

Kelly's right. Sometimes things just work out.

But sometimes the things that work out aren't even related to basketball. Shocking!

Sure, KU's last-second shot to send the game into overtime was pretty fun. But lots of other things worked out to make this weekend just about as fun as it gets.

Hanging out on the Riverwalk and running into friends was a highlight for me! Friends provided us with tickets, so that not only we could attend, but so could 4 members of our family. Though Mizzou and UTexas fans, our family helped us root for KU. (It may have been slightly more difficult for those Mizzou faithful, but we appreciate it just this one time.)
The weather was gorgeous - sunny and warm with plenty of Texas wildflowers. The bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, lavender, and pink evening primrose made for a beautiful drive through the Texas hill country where we stopped to play in this clear creek. The food was scrumptious - Texas barbecue, Mexican food, and large margaritas each and every day.
And as if all of that wasn't enough, American Airlines canceled our return flight (along with about 3000 other flights), so we got to stay 2 extra days in Texas. Our pictures have all been uploaded - just click on the 'see all our photos' link to the right. But the best image of all may just be this video of Kelly riding Uncle Bob’s Pedal-o.

Sometimes things really just work out.

P.S. to Principal Larry, the KU alum: Sharon is telling the truth. Her brother and sister did go to the Final Four and cheered loudly for the Jayhawks.

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