Tuesday, April 29, 2008

#281 Magic ice at Sonic

Way back in Kansas City, my friend Carol taught me how to order drinks at Sonic. She said, "be sure to ask for extra ice." And she was right. Sonic has magic ice.
And now Sonic Drive-in has come within 30 miles of Charlottesville. On Saturday, we celebrated by driving over the mountains for a Sonic drink with extra ice. Sure the drive through Virginia's springtime was gorgeous with too many blooming redbuds and dogwoods to count.

But the magic ice. Now that was beautiful!

Yours in appreciation of Carol for my education, of Ronda (my Sonic scout), and of the Sonic company for following me around the country,


  1. Sonic always has held a special place in my heart, not only because I like the food and drink, but because I literally grew up with it. One of the first three Sonics (originally known as "Top Hat" before the discovery of a trademark violation prompted the change to the name we know and love today) opened in Enid, Oklahoma (my mom's hometown), in 1958 -- two years after I was born. In the late 1960s, when we lived in Alva, Oklahoma, I regularly rode my bike to the local Sonic (located right next to the drive-in theater!) for a drink or a burger (and tater tots!)...I'd either just ride up to one of the order boxes, or just as frequently, walk inside and order at the counter. And yes, the ice was good then, too.

    I know there are Sonics somewhere around Indianapolis, but I haven't found them yet...so I make good use of the outlets near our home in Kansas City during our trips there.

  2. I'm happy to have helped in your quest for Sonic food and drink! :D

  3. I would have sworn that there were Sonics around Indy, but a check of their website shows that their nearest locations are in Kokomo, Lafayette, and Seymour Indiana.

    I think some Indy-area Dog n' Suds locations switched to the Sonic brand a few years ago but they have since switched back or gone under.