Saturday, May 03, 2008

#282 The White Nights in St. Petersburg

"From late May to early July the nights are bright in St Petersburg, with the brightest period, the White Nights, normally lasting from June 11th to July 2nd. The White Nights (Beliye Nochi) are a curious phenomenon caused by St. Petersburg’s very northerly geographical location - at 59 degrees 57' North (roughly on the same latitude as Oslo, Norway, the southern tip of Greenland and Seward, Alaska). St. Petersburg is the world's most northern city with a population over 1 million, and its stands at such a high latitude that the sun does not descend below the horizon enough for the sky to grow dark. In fact night becomes curiously indistinguishable from day, so much so that the authorities never need to turn the city’s streetlights on!" - from

We're off this summer to enjoy the white nights in St. Petersburg! Along with 600 students, we'll be sailing on the summer voyage of Semester at Sea to Norway, Russia, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Croatia.
Yours in looking forward to being unable to distinguish night from day,

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  1. This is too cool!! We are excited for you two to again see the world! I read your note to Rob and he just sighed and said, "We need to plan our next adventure." So, thanks for being OUR inspiration!! We'll be reading the blog more faithfully now since our computer is back and up and running! -- Donna.