Wednesday, May 28, 2008

#288 Pope-Leighey House

"There are certain things a man wants during life, and, of life. Material things and things of the spirit. The writer has one fervent wish that includes both. It is for a house created by you."
- Loren Pope to Frank Lloyd Wright, August 1939

That letter is how Loren Pope, a Virginia newspaperman of modest means, convinced Frank Lloyd Wright to build for him an affordable custom home.
The resulting Usonian home, the Pope-Leighey House, is artful, modest, approachable, and open for tours. It’s one of Wright’s best. It’s in Virginia.

Yours in wishing my pen could be as productive as that of Mr. Pope,


  1. WHERE in Virginia?

    Yours in eagerly awaiting postings from SAS SU08! Bon Voyage!

  2. Just down the street from GW's Mount Vernon.

    We're away!