Thursday, August 07, 2008

#328 August in Greece

When most of the locals head out of Athens for the August vacation season, we head in. That's good because we dealt with small crowds and light traffic in this destination city otherwise known for its traffic snarls and tourist throngs.

So we enjoyed quiet time with the Antikythera Mechanism, a 100 BC computing marvel that's attracted much attention and is housed in Athens at the National Archealogical Museum.
And the summer heat kept the crowds down at the Acropolis where we saw the Parthenon in restoration surrounded by scaffolding and cranes.
The magnificent natural landscape surrounding Delphi took our breath away.
As did the climb past the temple up, up, up to the 6500-seat athletic stadium, the site of the ancient Pythian games where Greek athletes competed every four years.
Back in Athens we dined on gyros in relative tranquility in the historic Plaka district just below the Acropolis.
The August temperatures kept the crowds away and we kept finding things we like about Greece.

Yours in the heat,


  1. While I love Aesop's Tables here in Indy, I would pay BIG bucks to have a genuine gyro from Greece!!

    Yours in being jealous of your food options,
    Mira :)

  2. I Love the stadium picture! Dan (LA)