Tuesday, December 16, 2008

#357 Happy Birthday Kelly

Kelly has led a pretty stylish life so far.

Here at 6 months old, he seems happy with the way things are going - must be that cool white jumpsuit.
Life continues to go well for him at age 4. The people in charge of his wardrobe obviously know that a bow tie is needed to offset those cute ears of his.
Still stylish in 2005, he is sporting the coveted okra KU Jayhawk earring. (Nod to Joyce, an MU grad of all things!)
And here in 2008, he has hit his stride.
Yours in wishing my ultra-stylish life partner a very merry birthday,


  1. Was looking forward to this entry :) Happy Birthday, Kelly!! Have a safe trip and enjoy celebrating your birthday month in two countries if not more. I'll eat a slice of Bazbeaux pizza in your honor this month. (Though my trips to B's have been drastically reduced without you two living here, I regret.)

  2. Happy Birthday, Kelly!

    P.S. You have been stylin' all your life. Mary is right! :)

  3. It's not just the earring that is so stylin'. It's the debonair look of mystery and intrigue that accompanies it.

    Happy B-day, Kelly!