Monday, August 03, 2009

#400 From Switzerland to Texas

From the Alps of Switzerland, we traveled directly to the plains of Texas. And we noticed a few differences. The music was good in Switzerland - especially the yodeling, the Alpine horns, and the cow bells - but in Texas we were serenaded with country music over margaritas. The food was good in Switzerland - especially the rosti and the Simmental burgers - but in Texas we had Aunt Wanda's beautiful biscuits and homemade grape jam. The traveling was outstanding in Switzerland - especially the panoramic train, the cable car, and the funicular - but in Texas we tried the TriKing Kobra, a stand-up human-powered vehicle.

Yours in enjoying the differences,


  1. OMG... those biscuits look AMAZING!! Can you send any leftovers to me? Please? :)