Thursday, July 30, 2009

#399 Swiss travel

Our summer vacation included a variety of transportation - just the way we like it. We flew overnight from Charlottesville to Frankfurt and traveled by car from Frankfurt to Switzerland. Here we are in the roomy back seat enjoying the ride. In Switzerland, we left our car behind because no cars are allowed where we wanted to go. Murren is a car-free city. We traveled by cable car from Stechelberg in the Lauterbrunnen valley up to Murren. (See how lightly I'm holding on?) We traveled further up hill from Murren by funicular. We traveled downhill by foot. We didn't travel by high heels, because they aren't allowed. Back down in the valley, we found our train and we traveled in the front car with a tremendous view of the Simmental valley to Lake Geneva. No matter how you go, Switzerland's views are worth the trip.

Yours in alpine travel,

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