Sunday, July 05, 2009

#395 Going 'Up' for Mary's birthday

We kicked off Mary's birthday month with a trip to Fork Union, VA. I spared no expense wining and dining the birthday girl at Sal's Italian Restaurant and Grille in the heart of downtown Fork Union. Sal served us twice as much hearty spaghetti and spinach ravioli as we could eat. So we left for the drive-in with that full feeling all over. Yes, the birthday extravaganza continued at the Fork Union Drive-In theater - a throwback to the 1950s. Open since 1953, "Virginia's smallest drive-in is a rural classic with a grass field that is still sectored by traditional pole speakers for up to 180 cars." See that speaker? That was made by Projected Sound in Plainfield, IN. It sounded pretty good, but the car stereo turned to 90.3 FM sounded even better. The windows were down. The air was cool. The movie snacks were ready in the back seat if by some miracle we became hungry after Sal's. The kids were playing all kinds of games in the lawn below the movie screen. And finally it was time to see Disney's Up. We LOVED it! Carl and Russell and Dug and Kevin topped off an amazing movie-going experience. It's been a year since our last amazing movie-going experience watching Mamma Mia in Greece in gold-class comfort with our adopted daughters. Where shall we go next? Yours in lifting Mary UP for birthday month, Kelly

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  1. Happy Birthday Mary....theresa in bville