Sunday, April 18, 2010

#425 In the Virginia Spring

Spring is in full bloom in Virginia.  Follow along as we walk into work on Friday.

The azaleas are nearing their peak and Kelly's shirt is a nice match.

We cut through the woods and Kelly makes it successfully over the obstacle in our path.

Back out on city streets, the combined pink and white dogwood tree is blooming.

We look both ways and make it safely across the train tracks.

Sometimes we're forced to walk single file and share the sidewalk with pushy flowers.

Some of the Semester at Sea staff have moved into nice digs in Alumni Hall.  We're early, so I don't see anyone there yet.

It's a good thing The Villa is on route, 'cause we've worked up a breakfast hunger.  Notice how I forced our companions to squint into the sun!

The Aviator and Clemons Library are next door to Alderman Library.  We're almost at work.

We made it.  Kelly and I work about 100 steps apart inside Alderman Library.

My hallway is lined with old, no-longer-in-use-but-still-cool card catalogs.

Well, I'm here. Thanks for joining us on our morning commute. I better get to work now.

Yours in enjoying the Virginia spring time,

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  1. I loved going along with you for your walk! What fun!