Tuesday, March 01, 2011

#473 Architectural Terrorism?

If architectural terrorism exists, South Africa claims a blatant example.
A few years ago as Cape Town's urban sprawl pushed development up the slope of its natural backdrop, Table Mountain, city planners drew a line above which no new construction could occur.  Their intent: to preserve uncluttered views of the mountain from the town below. 
Savvy (nay evil?) developers found a loophole.  On land just below the construction boundary, they built three tall residential towers with foundations well below the boundary and within the letter of the law but reaching high into the sky above the spirt of same.  Residents of the three towers love their expansive views.  Most everyone else in town despises the trio derisively dubbed "Salt, Pepper, and Mustard". 
Local tourist guides term this an episode in "architectural terrorism".
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