Thursday, March 31, 2011

#490 Looking Down on Hong Kong

If you want to look down on Hong Kong, you climb Victoria Peak.

Our views on the tram ride to the top make the steep incline very clear.

Hong Kong seems to be all about the shopping.  We avoid the multi-level mall at the top, but the view from the coffee shop is hard to resist.

Drizzly weather hampers the panormic vista, but the MV Explorer really is docked way down there in the fog.

The cool weather inspires us to walk all the way back down to Hong Kong and we make sure to trek through the botanic garden we loved back in 2006.  Still no gingko, but the fountain has seen a facelift and the bamboo garden remains strong.
Yours in enjoying the ups and downs of Hong Kong,

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  1. I love this trip's botanical garden theme! Keep on having fun!