Saturday, September 23, 2006

#46 Outdoor escalators

September 22, 2006
Hong Kong is officially bilingual – Cantonese and English. Cantonese is one of the world’s most difficult languages for foreigners due to the use of tones (low, middle, high, rising neutral and falling). In Japan, we tried to learn a little of the language, but here in Hong Kong, we’re sticking to a combination of English and gestures and we’re having no problems.

We had another great day today. We set off this morning to travel up a steep hill behind central Hong Kong towards Victoria Peak. The good news is that the locals have built an outdoor escalator that carries people down the hill to work in the morning and at 10 am, they reverse the escalator to carry people up the hill for the rest of the day. So, we set off about 10 am, took the Star Ferry across the harbor (instead of the subway under the harbor that we took yesterday), walked to the bottom of the escalator, and rode the escalator about a half mile up the hill.

Rob and Donna – you should see if those trail angels might want to install an outdoor escalator for those extra steep parts of the Pacific Crest Trail. ;-)
1437 Mary and Escalator
On our walk back down the hill, we stop at a grocery for waffle cookies (Kelly’s favorite cookie), visit the botanical garden and zoo, visit the bamboo garden (Kelly’s favorite plant) and when we get back to the bottom we ask ourselves two important questions:
1) What’s up with the lack of gingko trees in China?
2) Is there anything we own that we really need?
1465 Kelly at bamboo garden
Yours in asking the tough questions,


  1. That sounds like a top ass day, way to go!

  2. Did you find any answers to questions 1 and 2? -- Jean (Erika's colleague from UVa)

  3. Hi Jean,
    1) China's a big place and we must have been in the non-gingko area. Somewhere over the rainbow gingkos grow in China.
    2) As for what we need we're still figuring that out. But after living in a tiny space for a month, we're thinking less is better.

  4. I can vouch that less is best. Having carried all my life's posessions on my back for 6 months (with the confidence in knowing the REST of my posessions were at my HOUSE), I pondered that very question. It sure does simplify things! Speaking of house (now talking about the one in CO), we have reversed stairs, a entryhall coat closet, and walls in the upstairs bathroom! When are you coming to see us again?!