Friday, September 01, 2006

#22 Hello September, Hello Tropics

Overnight we crossed the Tropic of Cancer (~23.5 N Latitude) heading southwest on our quest for Hawaii. That puts us officially smack in the tropics.
And as predicted in Earth Climate Systems class, we've seen more sunshine each day as we've moved away from the atmospheric doldrums of the subtropics. That's translated into a boatload of sunburns (no pictures). Sun worshipers report the weather is "hot", but it's 1535 and I haven't been outside all day. That's because I've been in class. Check the Sept. 1 entry here for proof. That's me in the back row, port.

Saturday we dock in Honolulu in the morning, spend the day, then leave before midnight starting the longest sea leg of our voyage toward Kobe, Japan. Bridget's comment on a previous post suggested I divulge our lat/long regularly for those geonerds following along with Google Earth. Fab idea Bridget.

Yours in 22 degrees 45.5 min N, 152 degrees 9.2 min W,

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